Ferrari California - 45 Mins Ultimate Freeway Circuit

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The Ferrari California is a grand touring sports car produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari. It is a two-door 2+2 hard top convertible. When originally released, the California was powered by a front-mid mounted naturally aspirated 4.3-litre V8.

•  Power  – 454 BHP
•  Acceleration – 3.7 secs (0-100 km/h)
•  Fuel Consumption – 7.6 km/L

•  Torque – 485 Nm
•  Top Speed – 310 km/h


Experience 45 mins of thrill driving on the part of the official F1 circuit in a Ferrari California goes by Bayfront Ave, Esplanade Drive, City Hall, Raffles Boulevard and goes to ECP /MCE highway to Changi Airport and Back which you will get the under-tunnel experience with the engine roaring! Unleash the power of the V8 roaring on the straights of the town or simply cruise along the city feeling the wind in your hair

Good News
1. International driving licence NOT Required
2. At least 21 years old and 2 years driving experience
3. Insurance fully covered
4. Safe and Fun - with our friendly instructors
5. We are #10 in Singapore TripAdvisor on Fun & Activities


At the end of the driving experience tour, head down back to the outlet and you will receive a certificate. There are onboard car cam video options if you wished to purchase which will be recording throughout your journey.

There are Merchandise etc. T shirts, Caps, Pen, Keychain & many more to choose from.


The Best Experience of my life!!! to on my 18th birthday!! Love, you Ferrari!!’’

Sakhath S Kanemar, India

“This Ferrari California is very awesome because it ran up to 120kph, very awesome car!”

Winson, Vietnam

“Had a great time driving the Ferrari! Best way to see Singapore in 15 minutes”

Miller Mccowan, Sydney