Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who is Ultimate Drive?

Ultimate Drive is a subsidiary of supercar and luxury auto distributor EuroSports Global Ltd SGX Symbol-5G1. We are pleased to bring Supercars to the mass market so that “Everyone can drive a Supercar”.

Our micro-rental packages starts from as low as $298 for a 15 minute ride and we also have membership packages that allow members to use the cars for longer periods. In addition, we also have Supercar packages for Weddings, City and Island Tours and Supercar Convoys.

Are there any criteria to join this club?

We are opening this exclusive club to only 500 members and requirements are:

  • Above 25 years old
  • Min 3 years driving experience
  • Singapore Citizen, PR, Work Permit Holder
  • Business profile
  • Approval from insurance company
  • Pass our 30mins Orientation drive.
Can I Choose my Membership Number?

Yes, you may choose a 4-digit number to be your membership number. First come first serve basis.

Are there any limitations on Membership transfer?

Only transferable Memberships can be transferred. There is Membership transfer administrative charge of $1000/- cash. The transfer fee Member must be approved by Ultimate Drive Management similar to that of a new Member must approve it.

I want to refer my friend to join, is there any benefit for referring new Members?

Yes, we will give 600 points to an existing member who introduces a new member.

There are 3 Membership packages?
  • S$6000*    - 6000points (1 Year non transferable)
  • S$12000* - 12000points (2 Year non transferable)
  • S$24000* - 24000 points (2 years Transferable)

*Corporate will enjoy additional 500points

Is there any cost involved?

There is a deposit of S$15,000 for insurance, which is refundable. This deposit can be paid via, Cash, Cheque or Credit card Authorisation order which is executed when you incur damages. Damages are capped at S$15,000

Can I book more then 1 Supercar at any one time?

Yes, depending on the availability and the other driver must be the nominated members.

Where and when can I pick up my car?

The cars are located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3 level 1. The operating hour is from 9am to 11pm daily. We also provide Delivery or collection, which with incur cost of 100points per trip. Collection and returning timing is between 9am to 6pm.

Do you provide a driver for the Rolls Royce Ghost?

Yes, we do. There will be additional 20 points will be deducted per hour.

Do you charge more on weekends and holidays?

No, our points are fixed.

Is there any mileage Cap when I drive each time?

Yes, here are the details.

  • 4 hours – 80KM  
  • 9 hours – 80KM
  • 12 hours – 100KM
  • 18 hours – 120KM
  • 24 hours – 150KM
When does the mileage starts or ends if the cars are collected or delivered?

It starts from the place when the member takes over the cars and returns the car to our instructors.

Can I drive the car to Malaysia?

No, the supercars are strictly for Singapore use only.

Can I allow my friends to use the car?

Only nominated drivers only can drive the cars.

What are the requirements to drive your cars?

Driver must be minimum 20 years old, at least 2 years driving experience.

International driving licence NOT Required.

One more thing Singapore Law strictly prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, so make sure you are not drunk and or high.

Are the cars easy to drive?

Yes our cars are very easy to drive as they are without clutch pedals (E-gear system). You can choose to drive in full automatic mode or change gears manually through the F1 paddle shifts.
Furthermore, our experienced instructors will provide you a comprehensive orientation before you set off and accompany you throughout your drive

Where is the starting location?

We have 1 starting point at the moment.

Marina Bay Sands
1 Bayfront Avenue
#01-14 Hotel Tower 3
Singapore 018971

If you book the tour online, you can just walk in to any of our outlet to start the tour, or you can contact us at +65 8444 4481 to arrange the tour starting location.

How can I make a booking?

You may select the following options:

  • Walk-in to our outlet at Marina Bay Sands. Payment by Cash, Visa, Amex, or Mastercards.
  • Internet booking. Payment by Paypal, Visa, Amex, or Mastercards.
  • Telephone booking. Payment by Visa, Amex, or Mastercards.


Can I cancel or amend my booking?

A Tour sold is non-refundable (including in case of rain), but can be rescheduled once (subject to availability).
A Tour is transferable, meaning you may transfer the tour to another person at no additional cost.

What happen if I arrive late?

You are required to be arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your Tour. Ultimate Drive reserves the right to reschedule the Tour of Clients showing up after the time of their booking, if delay cannot be accommodated.

What does each tour include?

All tour include a 10 minutes orientation of the car on top of the respective duration of tour you've selected. The driving routes vary according to the length of tour you've selected:


  • 15 minutes will take you part of the famous F1 Circuit.
  • 30 minutes will take you part of the famous F1 Circuit, Sheares Bridge highway and experience under tunnel effect with the roaring sound of the car.
  • 45 minutes will take you part of the famous F1 Circuit, ECP highway with a breezing road to Changi Airport.
  • 60 minutes will take you on a custom route of your choice Sentosa Island, Suntec city, Garden by the bay, Singapore Flyer etc.


If you book two 45mins tours and set off simultaneously, you can choose to swap cars halfway to experience both cars and enjoy 10% discount.

At the end of the driving experience tour you will receive a certificate.

There are onboard car cam video options if you wished to purchase which will be recording throughout your journey. There are Merchandise etc. T shirts, Caps, Pen, Keychain & many more to choose from.

What other products/services do you sell?

Our Services are:


We also have some collaboration scheme. You may contact [email protected] for more information.