Car Rental

Unlike many other countries, owning a supercar in Singapore is not as easy and affordable.

To many, it is an unattainable dream. For more, they may not possess the right mindset to handle the extraordinary power of a supercar.

Which is why our vision is to establish firstly an exclusive club of responsible car lovers - respected members who want the pleasures of driving not just one, but various supercars, and the responsibilities that come with it.

Now there is everything for everyone.

Why you must take the membership?

Drive the car without instructor

The whole car is yours, we trust you just like that.

Longer hour rent

You can rent the car as long or as short as you need to.


As a member you are our top priority when you need the car.

Petrol included

We need to make sure the car is in top condition, so petrol is on us.

Interested to join our Memberhip?

You may contact +65 6688 7997 (Alvin) or fill in the form below for more information.